The fourth house of astrology is ‘The house of family and home’. The fourth house is an angular house (the planets have more influence in this house. It’s located on the lowest point of the circular house chart. This location signifies what this house represents i.e. everything below the surface. This house represents our foundation or roots. It acts as an anchor that supports who we are. The fourth house represents our home, our family and the environment we live in. It tells us about where we come from and where we will go. It tells us about our roots, our ancestors and our origins. It represents the place where we feel the most safe, secure, and comfortable- a place we can call our home. The fourth house isn’t only about our birth home, it also represents the house we will build in the future and tells about our old age and death and end.

The following things can be known from the fourth house-

  • Our foundation – ancestry and roots
  • Our home and family
  • The strength of the foundation we stand upon
  • Our karma and what we can expect in another life
  • Our origin and our end- our birth and death
  • Our growth under our parents (mostly the mother over the father)


Cancer – Zodiac Sign of 4th House

The natural zodiac sign of the fourth house is ‘Cancer’. Cancerians are the most complicated people of all the zodiac signs. They are not easy to understand. Cancerians love a homey and comfortable environment. They need a safe and secure place where they can retreat too in order to find peace. They like families, it makes them feel happier. The mascot of cancer is a crab. The crab lives in its shell. The shell is hard and strong. Cancerians are the same. At first impression they may seem closed off and unyielding. But as you get to know them and they become more comfortable with you, they reveal their true inner nature. They are soft-spoken and very sensitive. Also, in case they feel unhappy or stressed they always close off and go back into their shells just like the crab. Cancerians don’t trust other people so easily. So it’s hard for them to open up physically and emotionally in a relationship. They are very loyal and cherish their friendships. They always take care of the ones they love and help them through thick or thin. A person can depend on cancer as they are very supporting and good listeners. They always try to make others feel better and share their burden. But they rarely reveal about themselves as they find it hard to open up to the others. They give more than they take. This often leads to people misusing them. They don’t depend on others, hey are self- sufficient people.


Positive Traits of Cancer

  • Loyal – they are always there for the people they love and care about
  • Dependable – Cancerians make a great support and they will never let you down.
  • Imaginative – They are imaginative people and love reading stories and have a wider perspective of this world.
  • Intuitive – They have good instincts and are able to sense the good and bad in people.
  • Understanding – They are very understanding and sympathetic to others.
  • Good listeners – They are good at listening and prefer it over talking themselves.


Negative Traits of Cancer

  • Insecure – They can be have a lot of insecurities and self-doubt.
  • Clingy – They can often be very clingy with the person they care about.
  • Over- sensitive – They are very sensitive which sometimes leads to them to being weak.
  • Moody – it’s difficult to understand a Cancerian as their moods keep changing.
  • Closed-off – it can be hard to bring them out of their shells and they don’t easily open up to others.
  • Pessimistic – They always think of everything in a negative way. They don’t believe easily and are suspicious of anything good.


Moon – Ruler of 4th House of Astrology

The natural ruler of the fourth house is Moon. Cancer people are often called ‘Children of the moon’. As the moon changes and goes through different phases from new moon to full moon, the same is true for a Cancerian. They always have different phases of experience and their lives are always in constant motion. They might seem grounded on the outside, but on the inside they experience and pass through a tide of emotions. The influence of the moon makes them moody, they go through a lot of ups and downs emotionally. They become overly sensitive and understanding people. They are also prone to getting hurt easily. The moon is also associated with fertility. This is a good quality for the Cancer people as they love families and find comfort and peace in them.


Effects of Different Planets on Aries

The planets in a house play an important role in affecting the life of an individual. Different planets govern a different dimension of the life. The presence of a planet in a house affects the sign and its characteristics. The following are the effects of planets on Cancer-

  • The Sun on Cancer – The sun influence the Cancer people by making them sensitive and emotional. They don’t open up easily and are protective of themselves and their loved ones. They are distrustful and always doubt things. They often retreat into their shells when uncomfortable and it can be very difficult to reach them. They give great importance to home and family. They cherish spending time with their loved ones. The Cancer women under influence of the sun make great mothers and love motherhood. The cancer people place high importance to comfort and security and hence money is important to them as it can buy them those things.
  • The Moon in Cancer – The moon makes a Cancerian moody. A cancer goes through various emotional ups and downs. This makes it hard for other people to understand a Cancerian and deal with them as they can be prone to instant mood changes. They are emotionally very sympathetic and are great listeners and are dependable in case of a problem.
  • Mercury in Cancer – The presence of the Mercury makes the Cancerians emotional people. They take judgements and decisions based on emotions and are often biased. Logical reasoning or judgement is hard for them as they give priority to emotions. They are more communicative and believe in solving disputes by talking it out. They have sharp memories and remember any sort of emotional incident with exceptional detail.
  • Venus in Cancer – The presence of Venus makes the Cancer people overly sensitive and vulnerable. They get hurt very easily even though they pretend otherwise. They are affectionate and loving people and give love without reservation. They also expect the same in return. They are positive people and always look for good in situations. They are loyal in relationships and very caring and patient.
  • Mars in Cancer – The energy of the Mars is channelled into the emotions of the Cancer people. They express their energies in an emotional manner. They can be defensive and protective towards their loved ones and aggressive and assertive at work. Their actions are influenced by emotions. Security is of importance and they put their energy into attaining it. They are very protective of their families and ready to defend weak people.
  • Jupiter in Cancer – The presence of Jupiter makes the Cancerians kind and understanding people who love families. They believe in giving ample space and freedom to their loved ones to help them grow. They are very mature and have a good understanding of their culture. Apart from this, security is very important to these people and they work hard for it. They are often found to be wealthy as they spend very carefully.
  • Saturn in Cancer – Saturn influences the Cancerians by making them emotionally closed-off. They rarely express their emotions and thoughts and are protective of it. This makes them seem hard and distant on the outside. They find families and homes a huge burden. They take it as a restriction on living their lives. They consider relationships cumbersome and hence don’t have close bond their family members. They take care of their family out of concern and worry for them but do not really express their true feeling.
  • Uranus in Cancer – The presence of Uranus makes the Cancerians have a detached relationship with their families. They are emotionally distant and not close with their loved ones. This could be because of their busy nature. It leads to problems and fights in the family. They have trouble committing to relationships and are not very good at it.
  • Neptune in Cancer – Neptune makes the Cancer people more imaginative and day-dreamers. They tend to dream about emotional stuff. Also, such people have a lot of emotional suffering in their lives. They go through various emotional ups and downs with their families. In spite of all this they are very compassionate.
  • Pluto in Cancer – The presence of Pluto invites for a lot of struggle for power between families. Such people go through various problems and fights over controlling power in the family. They have a controlling nature and it can be seen in the way they address the other family members. Also such a person might have a family with various unaddressed secrets in them.


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