The god of good beginnings in the Hinduism is truly Lord Ganpati, whatever you may praise him as – vinayaga, vigneshwara, ganesha and so on. No event, no auspicious beginning is complete without him. In every sense he is the god of success.  It is interesting to note that, one of his names vigneshwara literally translates to remover of obstacles.

Ganpati is often considered as the common meeting ground for all Hindus. Despite the numerous sects, all of them worship Ganpati. Ganpati is everywhere on the top of new notebooks, invitation cards and in invocation songs. Hence Ganesha is also fondly referred to as the god of opening doors. When one enters any temple, the first deity they worship would invariably be that of Ganpati, because it is customary to offer prayers to Ganesha first. He is the first and foremost god. He is the leader of all ganas (beings) that is why he is known as Ganapati. After all what everyone wants is risk free ventures that are successful and that is exactly what lord Ganpati guarantees.


Lord Ganpati Stotra