A person who regularly recites the Hanuman mantra is never troubled by Ghosts, devils or spirits. Hanuman mantra infuses a person with unlimited energy and courage.

Rosary to be used forLal chandan ki mala , Lal munga ki mala

Flowers to be usedLal vastra , Lal aasan , Lal phal , Lal phul

Total Number of Recitaion11,000 or 21,000 or 31,000 times

Best TimeAmrit sidhhi yog sidh muhurt

Lord Hanuman is considered as an embodiment of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Lord Hanuman is very simple and compassionate; yet he is also very powerful and courageous. Lord Hanuman represents Consciousness or life energy and makes one brave and fearless.

Regular recitation of the Hanuman mantra helps a person to emerge more victorious in his tasks. Hanuman Mantra helps to quickly solve the problems of life such as problems in married life, debt problems, mental disturbances and agony, etc. By chanting the Hanuman Mantra daily, one becomes active and energetic and doesn’t experience laziness in doing any work.

Collection of Hanuman Mantras

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Hanuman Mantra – 1

Recite this Hanuman Mantra for getting physical strength, stamina and power.

ॐ हनुमते नमः |

Om Hanumate Namah |

Hanuman Mantra – 2

हं पवन ननदनाय स्वाहा |

Hang Pawan Nandnaay Swaahaa |

Hanuman Mantra – 3

This Hanuman Mantra is a very secret mantra with unlimited power in it. This Hanuman mantra brings instant results. One becomes exceptionally powerful by chanting this hanuman mantra.

हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट् |

Hang Hanumate Rudraatmakaay Hung Phatt |

Hanuman Mantra – 4

Recite this Hanuman Mantra 21000 times to eradicate diseases, evil spirits and other types of disturbances in life.

ॐ नमो भगवते आंजनेयाय महाबलाय स्वाहा |

Om Namo Bhagvate Aanjaneyaay Mahaabalaay Swaahaa |

Hanuman Mantra – 5

ॐ ऐं ह्रीं हनुमते रामदूताय लंकाविध्वंसनाय अंजनी गर्भ संभूताय शाकिनी डाकिनी डाकिनी विध्वंसनाय किलिकिलि बुबुकारेण विभिषणाय हनुमद्देवाय ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं हौं हाँ फट् स्वाहा।।

Om Aing Hring Hanumate Ramdutay Lankavidhvansnay Anjani Garbh Sambhutay Shakini Dakini Dakini Vidhvanssnay Kilikili Bubukaren Vibhishanay Hanumaddevay Om Hring Shring Haung Ha Phat Swaha ||

Atmonnati Rudra Gayatri Mantra

ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे ,महादेवाय धीमहि तन्नो रुद्रः प्रचोदयात् ।।

Om Tatpurushaay Vidmahe ,Mahadevay Dheemahi Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat ||

Rudra Mantra

ॐ अघोरेभ्योsथ घोरेभ्यो घोर घोरतरेभ्य:। सर्वेभ्य: सर्व सर्वेभ्यो नमस्ते अस्तु रूद्र रुपेभ्य:।। ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राय ।।

Om Aghorebhyoath Ghorebhyo Ghor Ghoratebhyah |

Sarvebhyah Sarv Sarvebhyo Namaste Astu Rudra Rupebhyah ||

Tvarit Rudra Mantra

।। ॐ यो रुद्रोsन्गौ योsप्सुय ओषधीषु यो रुद्रो विश्वाभुवना-विवेश तस्मै रुद्राय नमोsस्तु ।।

|| Om Yo Rudroangau Yoapsuy Oshadhishu Yo Rudro Vishvabhuvana-Vivesh Tasmai Rudray Namoastu ||

Laghu Mrityunjay Mantra

।।ॐ ह्रौं जूं सः ।।

|| Om Hraung Jung Sah ||

Dashakshari Mantra

।।ॐ जूं सः मां पालय-पालय ।।

|| Om Jung Sah Mang Paalay-Paalay ||

Dvadashakshari Mantra

।। ॐ जूं सः मां पालय-पालय सः जूं ॐ ।।

||Om Jung Sah Mang Paalay-Paalay Sah Jung Om ||

Mahamrityunjay Mantra

ॐ ह्रौं ॐ जूं सः भूर्भुवः स्वः ॐ त्र्यम्बकम् यजामहे सुगन्धिम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।

उर्वारूकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मा मृतात् भूर्भुवः स्वरों जूं सः ह्रौं ॐ ।।

Om Hruang Om Jung Sah Bhurbhuvah Swah Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pustiwardham |

Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheey mamritat Bhurbhuvah Swaraung Jung Sah Hraung Om ||



Significance of Hanuman Mantra

“Ram Raksha Strotam”, a Sanskrit Strota, a shield of Ram that has lines devoted to the great Hanuman, saying, “Whoever reads this will be protected by Hanuman.” Lord Hanuman is one of the important figures of the Hindu epic The Ramayana and its various versions. He is a Hindu god and an ardent devotee of lord Rama. He plays a very important role throughout the epic. We see his loyalty towards Lord Rama and his brave acts throughout the narrative and come to idolize him. Being an immortal (Chiranjivi), he is mentioned in several other texts including The Mahabharata and some Jain texts. Several texts also imply that he is the incarnation of Lord Shiva.


There are numerous temples of Hanuman built everywhere because it is believed that a great warrior like him protects the surrounding areas from demons, evils, darkness and despair. A lot of prayers, hymns, shlokas and mantras are dedicated to Pawan-putra Hanuman. Some of the significant ones are Hanuman Chalisa, Bajranga Baan, Maruti Strotam, Hanumansahasranam strota, Hanuman Bahuk and so on. All these prayers, hymns and Hanuman mantras are written to not only praise all the good deeds done by Lord Hanuman but also to help us acknowledge his bravery and all other virtues that made him a Hindu lord irrespective of the supernatural elements that he was bestowed with. Take the Hanuman Chalisa – it is a forty lined hymn composed by Goswami Tulsidas in praise of Lord Hanuman. He has written this to inspire the spiritual aspirants to become devotees of Lord Rama, so that they are blessed and protected by Hanuman and also they are helped to spiritually progress. Through these mantras people are reminded of Hanuman’s greatness and his terrible fights against the unrighteous. Hanuman is an idol of true devotion and chastity amongst the Hindus. He is a symbol of devotion of the enlightened individual soul to the supreme soul. The prayers are pleas to Lord Hanuman to help us get rid of the ‘bad minds’ as he is a true companion of the ‘good minds’. The ‘bad minds’ are the evil thoughts and all the vices that we dwell upon and to prevent this we pray to Hanuman  who is said to be a companion of the ‘good mind’ which being the pure virtues that he is bestowed with. People are said to be able to keep diseases at bay just by chanting his name as he is a symbol of not only physical strength but also the very meaning of the word ‘strength’ in every possible way. These hymns and mantras of Hanuman glorify the purity of his soul and also makes the people realize how much better it feels to be like him with such pure and innocent virtues. The Hanuman mantras are chanted to remove pain from one’s life by seeking help from the greatest protector there has ever been, Hanuman. He is believed to bring happiness in everyone’s lives with the help of his never ending positive energy. He is worshipped not because of his immortality but because of the virtues that he possesses that sets him apart from all other immortals.

Hanuman mantras are not only significant because of what it teaches us about the ‘All mighty one’ but also it physically improves our health. It has been proved by several psychiatrists that these mantras have therapeutic effect on the human soul. It helps you calm down when you are agitated and also helps in increasing productivity. These mantras are said to be extremely beneficial for children as hearing and appreciating the strength and good deeds of Lord Hanuman help them to be courageous in getting rid of bad thoughts and dreams. Studies have proven that reading Hanuman mantras once a day helps people keep all negative thoughts at bay, thus, increasing productivity. As Lord Hanuman represents life energy and one’s conscience; reminding oneself about his deeds actually helps  getting rid of bad thoughts and also makes our minds high functioning. It is popularly believed that chanting Hanuman mantras help solve the problems of life such as debt problems, marriage-related problems, mental agony, disturbances and so on, very quickly. Many physicians say that chanting these mantras help people to be energetic and active everyday thereby achieving a good and healthy life without the temptations of giving in to Sloth. Each Hanuman mantra has a significance to our daily lives. Some helps as become mentally strong while some physically. Some help us cleanse our soul and some help us to get rid of any kind of negative energy in and around us. By chanting these mantras one seeks Lord Hanuman’s blessing and guidance. Astrologically, it has been found to be highly effective in controlling the malefic effects of Saturn’s transit.

Each verse of the Hanuman Chalisa is significant to our lives in several different ways. For example, the first opening verse helps in removal of bad karma, the second one helps in giving us wisdom and strength and so on and so forth. But if you ask me the giant elephant in the room is not the significance of these mantras, because these mantras were written ages ago and thus are already pre-determined as symbolic in our lives, it is the fact that believing in these mantras and recognizing them for what importance they hold in our lives and how they help us fight our demons. The main significance of these mantras are when one concentrates completely on them, they realize that one’s problem in life is nothing compared to what Hanuman had to go through and thereby choosing to believe that if he can do it against such adversities then we can do it too. These mantras are a gateway to our own conscience and thus are very significant in our lives not only because it helps us to keep in touch with our religious beliefs but also helps us by reminding us the very importance of our lives  in this erratic world and how we choose to live it.