4 Mukhi Rudraksha


  • 100% Original Nepali Rudraksha
  • Energized Rudraksha after Rudraksha Puja
  • Size: 19mm x 18mm x 19mm(approx)
  • Weight : 15-18 carat (Approx)
  • Shape: Oval Shape(Approx)

This Rudraksha is suitable for all the four stages of life which are Brahmacharya, Grahasth, Vaanprasth and Sanyas as per Ancient Hindu Vedic Texts and it is said to extend the reputation of a person in all the four directions.


  1. Helps in becoming more knowledgeable and removes intellectual dreariness.
  2. Very useful if a person is suffering from the Problem of Stammering.
  3. The oratory and writing skills of the wearer are highly increased.
  4. Develops the power of learning and creativity.


The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Brahma, the creator of universe as well as the god of knowledge and creativity.when you wear this rudraksha, you become more intelligent since his powers of concentration and learning are increased. memory power also increases and therefore you are able to remember whatever knowledge you get. Students who wear this Rudraksha are able to do better in their studies due to increased memory power and concentration.


It helps in resolving diseases like blood circulation, cough, brain related illness, asthma, stammering, memory lapse, respiratory tract problems etc. It also regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland boosts immune system.


The ruling planet is Mercury and mythically this represents God Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi. It boosts the power of original thinking and helps those who are involved in mental quests. It helps to remove the malefic effects of Mercury and helps in developing the power of speech.


This Rudraksha is a must wear for executives, students, scientists, and all those people who are in computers, electronics and communication line.


“Om Hreem Namaha”


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