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Shiva and Shakti – The Divine Union of Consciousness and Energy

In the Tantric cosmology, the whole universe is perceived as being created, penetrated and sustained by two fundamental forces, which are permanently in a perfect, indestructible union. These forces or universal aspects are called Shiva and Shakti. The tradition has associated to these principles a form, respectively that of a masculine deity and that of a feminine […]

Veerabhadra Swamy - The Manifestation of Lord Shivas Wrath
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Veerabhadra Swamy – Manifestation of Lord Shiva’s Wrath

Veerabhadra is part of Shiva’s Retinue, Shiva Pariwar, the other three being Nandi, Bhringi and Chandesvara. Veerabhadra is Shiva in ferocious mood, indeed Shiva manifested himself as Vira. This fierce warrior’s story is simply a symbolism of ego-shedding.  He is a form of Rudra-Shiva who created him to act as his henchman in his quarrel […]