What is Hindu Astrology or Jyotisham

What is Hindu Astrology or Jyotisha?

Jyotisha (or Jyotishyam from Sanskrit jyotissa, from jyotis- “light, heavenly body”) is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Vedic astrology. Vedanga Jyotisha is one of the earliest texts about astronomy within the Vedas. However, historical documentation shows that horoscopic astrology in the Indian subcontinent came from Hellenistic influences, post-dating the Vedic period. Jyotisa is one of the Vedanga, the six auxiliary disciplines used to support Vedic rituals. Early jyotiṣa is […]


Hindu Panchang – Vedic Astrology

A Panchang is a Hindu calendar and almanac, which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping, and presents important dates and their calculations in a tabulated form. Pachangas are used in Jyotisha shastra. In Eastern India, including Assam, Bengal, Orissa the Panchanga is referred to as Panjika. It is an ancient Vedic astrology that helps one synchronize with his best days and times – ahead of […]

4th house of astrology cancer traits astrology horoscope

4th House of Astrology – Cancer Traits and Personality Information

The fourth house of astrology is ‘The house of family and home’. The fourth house is an angular house (the planets have more influence in this house. It’s located on the lowest point of the circular house chart. This location signifies what this house represents i.e. everything below the surface. This house represents our foundation […]