1 Mukhi Rudraksha


  • Type of Rudraksha – 1 Mukhi
  • Origin of Rudraksha – Nepal
  • Shape of Rudraksha – As Depicted
  • Treatment of Rudraksha – (None) 100% Natural
  • This is the most wanted Rudraksha and is also known as “Divine Bead”
  • A person wearing 1 Mukhi Rudraksha reaps all the benefits of the worldly pleasures yet remains detached from them

A person wearing 1 Mukhi Rudraksha reaps all the benefits of the worldly pleasures yet remains detached from them. This is the most wanted rudraksha and is also known as ” Divine Bead “. A round one mukhi rudraksha is particularly rare and therefore the “1 Mukhi Rudraksha” is normally known as a Kaju Shaped one and also known as “Half Moon Shaped One Mukhi Rudraksha”.


This is the ultimate Rudraksha for any person who wants to benefit from all the worldly blessings as well be devoted to the supreme power. A person wearing this rudraksha becomes daring and no amount of negative powers or hate can affect him. The level of concentration increases, all his sins are shattered and a feeling of satisfaction and happiness comes along with Spirituality. The wearer of this Rudraksha begins to feel a detachment from worldly affairs and his inclination towards the supreme power i.e. God increases. This is the only Rudraksha that provides Health, Wealth and Happiness in true sense as it also enhances the Spiritual Growth of the wearer


A One Mukhi Rudraksha is well thought-out as the crucial blessing of Lord Shiva himself and is therefore believed to be the most auspicious bead amongst all the Rudraksha beads. Lord Shiva himself is pleased with the wearer of this Rudraksha and any obstructions in his path are removed thereby enabling him to lead a Rich and Powerful Life.


It works as medical remedy for curing diseases like chronic asthma, TB, paralysis, stroke, heart problems, mental anxiety, eye problem, bone pain, head ache etc. this rudraksha is said to be specially beneficial in diseases of Right Eye, Headache, Liver problems, heart, bowel and skin problems.


The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Sun which is the source of energy for the entire world. A person wearing this Rudraksha becomes Charismatic and Radiant like Sun and his fame and fortune increases due to blessing of the Sun. Also any negative aspects of a wrong placement of Sun in ones horoscope are nullified by wearing this Rudraksha.


A lucky thing for all adults,everyone should try to wear or keep this Rudraksha in the Puja. Those who need high level of concentration like Doctors, Engineers, Businessman and Leaders, it is very apt. It is also suitable for those who want to meditate or also all those people who want to shelter themselves from the emotional disturbance caused by the daily ups and downs of life should definitely wear this Rudraksha.


A One Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn around the neck or it can be kept in the pooja place.


“Om Hreem Namaha”


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