7 Mukhi Rudraksha


  • Type of Rudraksha – 7 Mukhi
  • Origin of Rudraksha – Nepal
  • Shape of Rudraksha – As Depicted
  • Treatment of Rudraksha – (None) 100% Natural
  • A Symbol of Goddess Mahalakshmi
  • Wear the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha and get wealth and riches by the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi

A symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, the Saat Mukhi Rudraksha has 7 natural lines in it. Wear this Rudraksha and get wealth and riches by the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. It is also correlated to the 7 sages (Saptarshi ). Legends also say that there are seven divine snakes who exist in the seven mukhas of this Rudraksha and therefore when someone wears this Rudraksha he is protected from poisoning of any kind.


  1. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is very good for Prevention of deficiencies in Business & Investment and also to remove monetary difficulties.
  2. Rescues from problems related to Body, money & mental anxiety and he can progress in any field of life.
  3. It Brings good fortune, bigger profits, financial security, creativity and improved insight.


The ruling deity of this rudraksha is Goddess Maha Lakshmi. Potrayed as the goddess of wealth and royalty, the wearer is able to get good Name & Fame, advancement and prosperity as well as Good fortune by the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. It is also said to aid in repossession of block funds as well as for attracting wealth.


It is very useful for reducing muscular body pains especially those caused due to Arthritis, as per the ancient vedic texts. It helps in curing diseases like Impotency, foot problems, respiratory disorders and chronic diseases.


The ruling planet of the Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is Saturn and hence, it aids in conquering the malefic effects of Saturn if it is badly located in a person’s horoscope or if it is in combination with planets like Rahu. This Rudraksha is also very cooperative if a person is under the major or minor affliction of Saturn known as Saturn Sade Sati & Small Panoti. So it is suggested that such a person must wear a seven mukhi Rudraksha to get liberation from the problems caused by planet Saturn.


A seven mukhi Rudraksha can be worn by Businessmen as well as Professionals from all fields to gain triumph, Wealth and Prosperity.


“Om Hoom Namaha”


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