The first mention of the word kundalini was in the Upanishads. Kundalini is actually an adjective which describes annular or circular. Kundalini describes the primal and basic energy that lies dormant in all of us. The energy is located at the base of the spine. Often gurus and yogis refer to kundalini as the sleeping serpent in every human which has to be awakened for a complete spiritual enlightenment. Those who practice kundalini yoga after awakening say it results in deep meditation, gaining of knowledge and also physical and mental bliss. There are several ways to awaken one’s kundalini energy. Most of them are meditation, pranayama, asanas, mantras and slokas.

It is one of the components of the body which are 7 Chakras, nadis, prana and the bindu. Kundalini energy can be awakened with the help of a spiritual teacher to guide or through sincere yogic practices.

When awakened the energy travels from the base 7 Chakras through the central nervous system (naadi) called as sushumna, thereby reaching the top of the head. When the energy reaches its zenith in a particular body, sahasrara. A wonderful spiritual and mystical experience can be obtained.

Before setting on a path to awaken your Kundalini, it is imperative for you to understand in depth the 7 chakras and the immense untapped energy that lie within you.


Kundalini Awakening


The basic and fundamental of the 7 chakras is the Muladhara. Muladhara literally means “fundamental” or “basic” as well. It basically acts as a plug-point. Five of the remaining six chakras are the plug. The seventh chakra is known as the sahasrar. It is like a light bulb. If you plug it in, everything about you glows. If you are properly plugged in, keeping the lights on 24 hours of the day is not an issue anymore. You don’t have to turn off your power because you are worried the battery might run out. You can just keep it on blatantly, recklessly, because you are plugged into the power source.

A human being is an “organic atom”, an individual unit of life. For example, today, human beings are exploring atomic science. An atom is not even visible to you, but if you smash it, something tremendous happens. And if you are in the way, something terrible will happen. No one ever realized that there could be so much energy packed into this tiny, little atom until they broke it. Similarly, there is a tremendous amount of energy packed into a human being. The Kundalini awakening or rising means you have found the technology of tapping into that energy.

There are two basic approaches to kundalini awakening. They are active and passive respectively. The active approach involves systematic physical exercises and concentration and visualization methods under pranayama. All this has to be learnt from a yogic practitioner. The passive approach takes the easy route for the person. A person who has already awakened their kundalini energy called as shakthipat.They rise the kundalini energy of the student but this is temporary experience.

The spontaneous awakening which occurs to a person in the absence of an able guru can result in several problems called as the” kundalini crisis”. This experience can turn out be out right traumatic and unpleasant for the person. In times of immense stress or hard physical labour, accidentally one might awaken their dormant kundalini energy. The power of the energy is far higher than one can anticipate. Hence it is important to surrender before almighty and let go of the negativity.

It is associated with quite a few medical symptoms:

  1. sensation of heat
  2. tremors and shakes
  3. uncontrollable laughter or crying
  4. animal like movements and sounds
  5. irritability


Many of these symptoms can be highly irritable and hence one should follow certain steps to overcome all this

  1. purify the body- not just external but internal too
  2. reduce stress-devoting more time for your family
  3. find support among other yoga practitioners
  4. educate yourself
  5. examine your entire spiritual practices
  6. Practicing grounding as since kundalini. The kundalini energy rises to the top but no counter acting force is seen from the other side.


There are many myths about spiritual awakening, it is often said that it should happen only to saintly people. But that is completely baseless. Kundalini awakening taps the inner energy that lies unused in us and helps us realize the nature of god, the world and even the future. Many of the mystics and sages that we praise today have not lived great lives before their awakening. But kundalini energy can be awakened only if a man rises above Kama, krodha, lobha, moha and mada. These are the impurities in man that tend to corrupt him. Only when a man cleanses himself of all these worldly pleasures and sins he is fit for a kundalini awakening. It can be awakened by concentration and mental strength by the great yogis, devotees who surrender themselves to god, analytical will of jnanis, mantras by the tantric and so on. No one method has proven successful for majority individuals, so there are people who go for an approach that combines two or more methods also. This method is to be determined by the guru by his insightful knowledge.

The kundalini when awakened is the giver of a power, health, success and wealth.

Yoga’s purpose is redirecting the life force up the spine. To achieve this physical life has to be in sync with the meditative practices. Kundalini can be compared to a mighty mountain. If one is pure at heart, kundalini energy is like the positive force that runs like a river. However in a heart were vileness and negative thoughts exist, the energy has to flow somewhere, because the channels to the brain are compromised.  It can even end up damaging the nervous system of a person. When yoga is practiced in a loving spirit, the energy of life is released harmoniously in a safe yet powerful way.


Kundalini Awakening - The Treasure Trove In You

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